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Alabama Music Hall of Fame

KaKo'o Ukuleles

KaKo’o Ukuleles are designed for your little ones to learn to pluck, strum, and play along to their favorite songs! They come with everything you need to learn to play in style! From beginners to masters, we welcome all to make music!
Each ukulele comes with a carrying case, 2 picks, a step-by-step instruction book with songs included, a ukulele strap, digital tuner, and a 4-pack sticker set to deck out your instrument and really make it your own!
  • GREAT INTRODUCTION TO A STRINGS INSTRUMENT - Use this as a segway for your child to move into their musical career. This ukulele is not just for kids but is amazing for adults. The high quality sound the premium nylon strings make will bring joy and delight to your ears.
  • GUIDE BOOK TEACHES YOU THE BASICS OF THE INSTRUMENT - This basic learning guide book help a new user learn the ropes quickly. It has simple instructions on how to play the beginner chords. This guide book will be sure to get your novice fingers moving right away!
  • GUITAR TUNER THAT FITS THE NECK - The guitar tuner can be fitted to the neck of the ukulele to provide an easy and simple way to tune your four strings. Make sure your ukulele never goes out of tune with this portable tuner
  • HARD DURABLE AND STURDY SUPPORT BEHIND THE NECK - The neck holds a sturdy form that will feel comfortable in your hands. Play for hours with this convenient and small sized ukulele while the strings against the neck create a beautiful symphony

KaKo'o Ukuleles